Earlier VisiBone Announcements...

Date: 12 Aug - 20 Sep 2004   (shopping cart rework midstream)
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Announcement #12 -- New Books and Charts



Two new bundles-of-everything:

   B r o w s e r   B o o k  -  L A R G E   P R I N T
   "Browser diversity relief" -- no stomach upset
   Index on back, spiral bound, 3-hole punched
   (comparison with Card Collection)

   Twelve charts, 22.5 square feet, over 0.0005 acres
   (give those motivational posters a rest)

New Charts for JavaScript and Fonts:

New Shopping Cart (osCommerce):
   Cheaper shipping (e.g. 1.29 to US, 1.60 to Canada, 4.40 to Australia)
   Express shipping world-wide (order before noon)
   You can now pay with PayPal
   New discounts (e.g. 15% off any $50 order)
   Free shipping orders over $100 

-- Bob Stein, VisiBone

P.S. If you think this note is evil, write me in hex.  
(VisiBone Announcement #12 went to 18,000 customers and subscribers.)

Date: 18-26 Mar 2004
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Announcement #11 -- Ten New Products!
Dear Friends,

New font choices for your clients:

   Font Card (one side) / Color Card (other side) 

New editions: 

   HTML / CSS Card 
   HTML / CSS Foldouts 

New charts:

   HTML / CSS Example Chart
   HTML Tag Chart
   CSS Style Chart
   HTML Character Chart

Mouse pads now ultra-thin:

   Color Hexagon
   Color Pads 

New Card Collection is spiral bound, 10 pages for 25 bucks:

   Card Collection = Color/Font Card + HTML/CSS Card + JavaScript Card

Details & close-ups:
   No popups. No banner ads. No carbohydrates.

-- Bob Stein, VisiBone
P.S. What's next? PhotoshopCS, SQL, PHP? Talk to me: visibone.com/survey
P.P.S. If you don't find these points riveting, please nail me on it. 
(VisiBone Announcement #11 went to 16,258 customers and subscribers.)

Date: Sat 03 Aug 2002
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Announcement #10 -- JavaScript Cards and Foldouts!
Dear Friends,
I'd love to put a few JavaScript facts at your fingertips:
4 laminated pages, or 3 large-print foldouts
516 tested examples
681 Document Object Model properties, methods, and events
133 bugs, diversities, tricks, gotchas and other issues
94 regular expression tools to validate, search, extract, and replace
325 color-coded browser, OS and standards variations:
      * Internet Explorer      * PC          * W3C
      * Netscape               * Mac         * ECMA
      * Opera                  * Linux
      * Mozilla
      * AOL
10 US dollars is all I ask those frugal fingertips of yours to fork over.
-- Bob Stein, VisiBone, http://www.visibone.com
Color, HTML, JavaScript. Printed and online references. Answers within reach.
P.S. To deny yourself the joy and verve of VisiBone announcements, 
please reply with vituperative punctuation: !@#$%!

Excerpts from the JavaScript Card and Foldouts:

Operator binding strength (also called "precedence") excerpt   Date functions excerpt   window.open() options   Regular Expressions character classes excerpt

Date: Mon 15 Apr 2002
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Announcement #9 -- "Unsafe" Color Chart, with 1068 Colors
Dear Friends,
Have you contemplated breaking any color laws lately?
	The VisiBone Web Color KiloChart
	1068 color triangles with decimal codes
Indulge in hundreds of illicit pastels and earth tones.
-- Bob Stein, VisiBone
P.S.  More at http://www.visibone.com/mailings.html.  
      Also, a new, free online HTML tags reference.
P.P.S. To live a life devoid of VisiBone Announcements, 
       please reply with a dissuasive emoticon, e.g.   :-(   :-P   8-O
If you're one of those unscrupulous designers who flagrantly strays from the web-safe color palette, flaunting the special needs of innocent users with color-challenged computers (all 4* of them), here's some gleeful encouragement (bwa ha ha).
Web Color KiloChart:
1068 colors

Color chips from two of the 42 hue groups:

*Actually it's more like 4% of internet users have 256-color computers now.
Perhaps you feel they either expect trouble or don't know any better.
Or are too few to mount a compelling revolt.  I tend to agree.

Free Online HTML Tags ReferenceHere's a new 
HTML Tags reference
for free online, based on
the HTML Card and
HTML Foldouts.

(VisiBone Announcement #9 went to 10,192 people.)
Date: Fri 14 Sep 2001 - Tue 09 Oct 2001
To: friends@visibone.com
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Announcement #8 -- New Large Print HTML Foldouts
Dear Friends,
New HTML Foldouts:
	50% larger type than HTML Card
	Compact 3.5 x 8.5 fanfold shape
New Edition of the HTML Card:
	Non-glare lamination
	Updated for latest browsers standards
-- Bob Stein, VisiBone
P.S.  Some donation options for the WTC/DC disaster:  http://www.helping.org 
Search engine for survivors and victims: http://www.elbnet.com/wtc/ 
HTML Foldouts:

(VisiBone Announcement #8 went to 7889 people.)

Date: Thu 21 Sep 2000
To: friends@visibone.com
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Announcement #7 -- HTML Card Shipping!
Dear Friends,
The HTML Card is available:
4-page laminated reference. Tags, attributes, style sheets, characters,
examples with bubble help, color-coded browser support, bugs and clashes
(thorough details online), SSI, URLs, and an HTML-to-XHTML checklist.
The HTML Chart is a blow-up of the tags & attributes page.

(Announcement #7 went to 3555 addresses)

Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000
To: friends@visibone.com
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Announcements #6, 6/6/00 -- Mouse Pads, HTML Card
Dear Friends,
  o  MOUSE PAD color references are available: http://www.visibone.com/color/
  o  HTML CARD is delayed again, target 10 July 2000.
  o  Color Card is on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com (search "web color card")

Web Designer's Color HEXAGON   pad_50.gif (3045 bytes)  Mouse Pads are available. Both designs are now shipping.  An informal poll by Computer College Silicon Valley discovered even consensus among the students, except for a slight gender bias: ladies tended to prefer hexagons and gentlemen squares.

HTML Card July 10th.  I'm wrapping up some software consulting (my day job) and should have most of June to complete the HTML Card.  Profuse apologies to all who have waited so patiently.  Hope you find it worth the wait.  Profuser thanks for the great suggestions that continue to pour in.

Color Card on Amazon.comThe Color Card is now listed on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.   Will you just look at what the miracles of modern techology have done to delivery times?  If you act now, there's still time to get yours this Holiday Season.

Color Card on Barnes & Noble(Announcement #6 went to 2355 addresses.)

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000
To: friends@visibone.com
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Developments #5, 3/30/00 -- Color Card, Color Chart, 
         Mouse Pads
Dear Friends of VisiBone,
It's a heck of an honor that you've expressed interest in VisiBone 
developments. This mailing is going to 965 people. The main point is 
to announce four new color reference products: 
COLOR CARD: An 8.5" x 11" laminated color reference card is now available 
for $10 quantity 1. The colors are laid out in a square grid matching the 
free downloadable swatch libraries for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and others. 
Same-hue colors are all touching on the card, so this reveals patterns in 
the swatch libraries if you've gotten used to using them. This is the most 
portable color reference. Price breaks at 2,5,10,20,100. Instructor packages 
COLOR CHART: This new 18" x 24" poster is a blown-up version of the card. 
This reference has the biggest color and the biggest codes -- I can read 
the decimal codes easily from 3 feet away, and the hex codes from 5 feet. 
Both the Color Card and the Color Chart include a visual index to help 
you find colors by their code (hex or decimal) and a simulation of the 
web-safe palette viewed in color blindness, to help you avoid 
inadvertently making your site hard to use by about 8% of men and 0.4% of 
COLOR PAD, COLOR HEXAGON: Two color reference mouse pads I hope to have 
available by the 1st of May. 
COLOR CODE TABLE: I made this compact online color reference for Dave 
Raggett's online HTML guide at w3.org and he has graciously included 
it there. It's also installed at bignosebird.com and websitetips.com. 
Hex and decimal versions are available. 
All color references use the same custom 8-color process to match screen 
colors. The color chips show both hex and decimal color codes and are 
grouped by hue. 
HTML QUICK REF UPDATE: To be announced in the May issue of Webdesign magazine,
I hope to resume work on this product in earnest next week and have it 
available by mid-May. Thanks very much for the suggestions so far. I will 
study them all very closely. Please do keep letting me know whenever you 
look up something in HTML. 
-- Bob Stein, VisiBone, stein@visibone.com
To be removed from the VisiBone Developments mailing list, please find a new 
email address. Just kidding, you only need reply to this message. This mailing
list is strictly private.
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999
To: friends@visibone.com
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Developments #4, 12/15/99 -- New Posters, HTML Quick
Dear Friends of VisiBone,
What a marvelous compliment that you asked to hear about VisiBone
developments.  The last mailing in March went to 80 people.  This one is going
to 437.
SECOND EDITION POSTER:  The first edition of the Webmaster's Palette Poster
has sold out.  All 2500 posters were shipped to people in 30 countries.  The
second edition is now shipping.  It has decimal RGB codes on all the color
chips and much better color matching.  I keep staring at the two posters next
to each other.  I can't get over how much brighter and crisper the new color
chips look, like glazed ceramic rather than dull plastic.  This resulted
mostly from improvements in the 8-color separation algorithm to account for
how inks really mix in offset printing.  Had to break some rules, but I'm sure
you'll be pleased.  www.visibone.com/color
COLOR LAB:  The online color lab now has tiny x's so you can remove color
choices and home in on a great color scheme.  www.visibone.com/colorlab
COLOR SWATCHES:  VisiBone color tables are included by permission in Photoshop
5.5, The GIMP 1.2 and BBEdit 5.1.1.  VisiBone color wheel arrangements can now
be downloaded for Fireworks, HomeSite, Illustrator, Paint Shop Pro and
Painter.  www.visibone.com/swatches
HTML QUICK REF:  I've started research for the VisiBone HTML Quick Reference
and would love to have your feedback.  I believe I can make the World's
Handiest HTML Reference Tool in the form of a 4-page laminated guide:
     o   all elements and attributes on one page,
           with browser support, popularity, and other
           practical info
     o   one big annotated example with the most
           popular features and common tricks
     o   style sheet properties
     o   special characters
     o   country codes, language codes, character sets
     o   web-safe color codes (but of course)
More details at www.visibone.com/htmlref.
I have a favor to ask:  over the next few weeks, whenever you go to look up
something HTML-wise, whether simple or complex, mundane or sublime, would you
drop me a note and let me know what you were after?  I REALLY want to make
something that would have answered your question in a tenth the time.
-- Bob Stein, VisiBone
P.S.  May all your digits roll over peacefully and joyfully this holiday
To be removed from the VisiBone Developments mailing list, please reply with
pithy invective in the subject line.  This mailing list is strictly private.
Date: Thu, 04 Mar 1999
To: friends@visibone.com
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Developments #3, 3/4/99 -- Color Lab Automatically
Dear Friends of VisiBone,
Thanks so much for requesting info on VisiBone developments.  VisiBone is
about visualization technology, currently focusing on the 216-color
web-safe palette.  Besides the free online color lab there are free
downloadable swatches for Adobe software on PC and Mac, and the GIMP on
Linux, plus posters for sale.
C O L O R   L A B   A U T O - R E S I Z E
The Online Color Lab is about to get its biggest improvement since going
on the air.  An experimental version now online for testing will
automatically adjust the size of the palette image to available screen
space so that all colors are always visible.  Make the browser window
small, the image gets small.  Make it large, the image gets large.  Sizes
adjust to 50%, 70% or 100% of the original.  There's a catch:  version 4
browsers only.  Others are fixed at 70%.
I hope this will please all the folks who've politely pointed out that with
low-resolution 640x480 monitors, a whole fistful of blue colors are chopped
off the bottom of the palette.  On high-res monitors, the Color Lab can now
be a compact little window in the corner of the screen.
You're welcome to try it out:
Feedback appreciated.
The ponderous Yahoo search engine cogs have begun to turn, bringing over
400 new visitors to the Color Lab this week:
Oh, and in case you weren't on the poster mailing list -- posters are
shipping!  Close to 500 have been sold to about 400 people in 17 countries.
 Info & ordering: www.visibone.com/color  Customer feedback:
-- Bob Stein
P.S.  Sign-up for this mailing list is on the home page,
(www.visibone.com).  It's my intention to send notices only to folks who've
asked for them.  Please let me know if you'd like to unsubscribe.  All
VisiBone correspondence is strictly private. 
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999
To: friends@visibone.com
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Developments #2, 1/20/99 -- Web Palette Poster goes
         to press... AGAIN!
Dear Friends of VisiBone,
Thanks so much for requesting info on VisiBone developments.  VisiBone is
about visualization technology, currently focusing on the 216-color web
Back in December I thought I was going to press with the 216-Color
Webmaster's Palette Poster, but the widely used 4-color process gave
disappointing results, washed-out and bland.  Just last night I've finally
gone back, this time with a custom 8-color process.  The scary part starts
now.  The only way to discover if my color formulas are right is to print
them.  The extra inks will require two press runs, as the presses at MOR
Printing are only 6-color presses.  The good folks at MOR will let me be
present while it goes to press and tweak and tune the thing until we get it
right.  Picture Scottie in the Star Trek engine room, only noisier and with
more knobs, letting a passenger in to help out.
In the interim I've been able to make corrections for several problems in
the screen-to-paper transition: blue hue distortion, bevel hue distortion,
red ink overwhelming yellow, printer "dot gain," and a bizarre offset I
first saw in my monitor but appears to be universal.  Actually I would
appreciate some feedback on this from you folks if you're inclined:  if you
would try clicking on the four reddest reds in the Color Lab,
(www.visibone.com/colorlab) and see if they don't all look the same, or
darn close, even when side-by-side:
     FF0000  R
     FF3333  LHR     (the two brightest hex-shaped chips in the red triangle)
     FF0033  RRP
     FF3300  RRO     (the two tear-drop-shaped chips on either side of the
                     red triangle)
On all monitors I've checked, Mac and Windows alike, they all but run
together.  Would appreciate your feedback if you get the chance to try it
out.  What this implies is heretical: the alleged 216 web-safe colors are
really, practically speaking, a 125 color set.  I must have visited a
hundred web color sites and I've never seen mention of this.  Funny how a
quest uncovers the seeds of its own futility isn't it?
Fawning fan mail continues to pour in about the Color Lab.  Having people
actually use things I've made has always carried the greatest intangible
reward for me and it's only getting better.  MacUser UK has asked me to
write an article about the physics of colour (note the UK-ified spelling).
Adobe has requested permission to include visibone.aco, the swatches
collection based on the Color Lab (www.visibone.com/swatches/), with 
their ImageReady product.  They warned up front they're not offering 
any money, but the glory is more than enough.  I replied "yes" with joy.
-- Bob Stein
P.S.  It's my intention to sent notices only to folks who've asked for
them.  Signup for this list is on the home page, (www.visibone.com).  To be
removed from the list, please reply with at least two forms of negativity
in the subject line.
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998
To: friends@visibone.com
From: Bob Stein <stein@visibone.com>
Subject: VisiBone Developments #1, 12/2/98
Dear Friends,
Thanks so much for requesting info on VisiBone developments.  VisiBone is
about visualization technology, currently focusing on the 216-color web
palette.  It's just me working out of my home in South Florida.  I'm having
more fun pursuing this labor of love than just about anything I can ever
remember doing that remotely resembled work.
Today I went to the printers with the artwork for the poster.  They're
promising 1 week.  New samples are online at www.visibone.com/color/.  Hope
you like!  Working on credit card validation.  I'll probably not use my
first choice because they won't ship outside US.  Also gearing up for
mail-order fulfillment with some great folks at Mail Boxes Etc.
Expecting to charge US$15 for the poster (down from $20).  What do you think?
Record-breaking visits from a glowing mention at WPDFD:
Topping the record set by the mention on Jerry Pournelle's site:
Which topped the record set by reallybig.com:
Thanks, and I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas, especially on things
in need of visualization.
-- Bob Stein, Chief Color Spelunker
P.S.  I hope you'll pardon the immodesty but here's my shameless feedback
page:  www.visibone.com/colorlab/kudos.html
P.P.S.  It's my intention to sent notices only to folks who've asked for
them.  To be removed from the list, please reply with the insult of your
choice in the subject line.
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