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Curious Web Characters

HTML Characters, Numeric Codes, 0-65535 (e.g. & for & ampersand)

HTML Characters, Alpha Codes, Aacute to zwnj (e.g. & for & ampersand)

Web ASCII, one-byte codes 0-255 (e.g. byte 169 for copyright, byte 171 for left double angle quote)

Webdings, special nearly useless symbols (e.g.   O  6  þ ) Also DingbatsOne, DingbatsTwo, Wingdings, Zapf Dingbats BT

Windows ASCII (e.g. Alt-171 for ½ one half)

IBM PC ASCII (e.g. Alt-171 for ½ one half, Alt-177 for shading)

The HTML Card includes a -page HTML Character reference.

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Sources: W3C,, Unicode™,, trial and error..

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