Regular Expressions for client-side JavaScript

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Regular Expressions (column 1 from a page of the JavaScript Card)
I hope you find these
excerpts of the VisiBone
JavaScript references
very useful.

See also the
JavaScript Card 
and Foldouts

Here is the syntax
for a very powerful
and very cryptic
string pattern
matching scheme
in the client-side
JavaScript of
web browsers.

You can use it to
validate form entry,
parse URLs, and
many other things.

The information here
forms a page of the 
JavaScript Card:
 JavaScript Card

and is one of the set
of three JavaScript 
 JavaScript Regular Expressions Foldout (page 1)
 JavaScript Regular Expressions Foldout (pages 2-5)
 JavaScript Regular Expressions Foldout (pages 6-8)

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Regular Expressions (column 2 from a page of the JavaScript Card)

Regular Expressions (column 3 from a page of the JavaScript Card)
Regular Expressions (column 4 from a page of the JavaScript Card)

VisiBone also makes
several printed web
color references.

Posters & Charts
Webmaster's Palette Color Wheel Poster

Laminated Cards
Color Card, laminated and slick for clients
that match the 
swatch collection 
in Adobe
Illustrator and 

Plus two varieties 
of Mouse Pads.

And a chart with 
Web Color KiloChart

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Bob Stein, VisiBone,

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