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Date: 26-30 Mar 2007  
From: Bob Stein <>
Subject: VisiBone Announcement #14:  MySQL

MySQL cheat-sheet.  Organic memory enhancement.

Laminated card: $10.  Wall chart: $25.  Total recall: priceless.

   - blue:  not ISO standard
   - orange:  what you look up a lot
   - statements A-Z
   - functions A-Z
   - casE seNsitiVitY
   - time & date
   - regular expressions
   - 182 tested examples
   - demystified:
	- USING (c,c,...)
	- NATURE / NURTURE (just kidding, still working on that)
	- INSTR() versus LOCATE() versus POSITION()
	- SUBSTRING() versus MID() versus LEFT() versus RIGHT()
	- WEEK() versus YEARWEEK()

-- Bob Stein, VisiBone,

P.S. Are we cool about me writing you like this?  Or don't you know either?

VisiBone Announcement #14 was sent to 28,876 subscribers. 21 were not cool about it.

As announced online, the price of the MySQL Card increased to $15 on April 20, 2007. It was offered at a reduced
price for the benefit of subscribers in the first few weeks after release.


Date: 13-20 Apr 2006  
From: Bob Stein <>
Subject: VisiBone Announcement #theoneafter12:  Maps!  Subscriptions! 

World's first map of INTERNET COUNTRY CODES:
   (readable, downloadable closeups)
   Look up countries by name, code, phone, location.
   Why?  Cause interesting stuff happens here.

   Latest VisiBone products at scary discounts.
      -- Laminate?  
      -- Ship fast or cheap?  
      -- Everything or pick-and-choose?  
   Your preferences registered.
   Choose what we make next (5 possibilities).

Don't be shy, go ahead tell us how happy or mad this makes you.

-- Bob Stein, VisiBone

P.S. You ever wonder ... what spot on the globe will be fascinating next?
VisiBone Announcement #13 was sent to 21,501 subscribers. 9 were not shy to be mad about it.

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