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Web Designer's Hexagon Mouse Pad

Web Designer's 
Color Hexagon
Mouse Pad

    about six sheets of paper
  • 8.1" x 9.4" x 1/40"
    (21cm x 24cm x
  • Symmetrical by hue
  • Every shading series is
    in a straight line, helping
    you design 3D effects.
  • Slightly more color area
    and larger print.
"The mouse pads look great!"
     — Leonard O.

"I received my mousepads the other day and just 
wanted to let you know that I really like them. 
They've been very useful already!"
     — Andrea B.

"The mousepad gets a lot of attention, I have it 
propped up in front of my computer as a
convenient reference and everyone sees it (high
traffic cube) and has to touch it, hold it, and look
at it!  It is very cool!! =) "
     — Paveza M.

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