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Contact:  Bob Stein, VisiBone,

New VisiBone Wall Color Chart Created For Those Who Color Outside Web-Safe Lines

Business Wire - May 22, 2002 1001am

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 22, 2002--VisiBone, a publisher of reference materials for web developers and designers, has introduced the Web Color KiloChart, a new 18- by 24-inch wall poster that features 1,068 color samples with accompanying decimal RGB number codes.

"The Web Color KiloChart breaks a long-held VisiBone tradition of solely providing web-safe color resources," said VisiBone Owner and Chief Technology Spelunker Bob Stein. "It is almost entirely composed of unsafe colors. It is by far the world's most accurate and most comprehensive printed representation of web colors."

Hues and shades are evenly spaced visually, not mathematically, which helps developers and designers to more effectively select colors among the vast array of choices. Color samples are arranged into 42 hue groups in the shape of an intricately folded, geometrically optimized pattern reminiscent of the familiar color wheel, which was originally invented by Sir Isaac Newton. The chart also features 294 shading series, color sequences with the same hue and vividness and varying brightness that help users accurately create shadow and 3-dimensional effects.

"Web sites that use non-web-safe colors stand out among the older, artistically-restricted sites," added Stein. "This new reference chart offers hundreds of tasty pastels and warm earth tones that are nearly extinct online. Hopefully, designers will be inspired to sample and show off new, visually stimulating color schemes."

Printed using a proprietary 8-color process to match computer monitor colors, the VisiBone Web Color KiloChart (retail US$15) is available exclusively at http://www.visibonecom/color/kilochart.html Educational and quantity discounts are available.

VisiBone has authored and published printed reference materials for web developers and designers since 1998. VisiBone posters, tip cards, foldouts and mouse pads feature a variety of complex technology trade topics such as color, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets and characters. The Company also offers free online resources for HTML, Style Sheets, characters, country codes and touch-typing. The Webmaster's Color Laboratory is a free tool used by more than 10,000 designers weekly. Additional information about the Company and its products can be found at 


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Bob Stein

Prepared by Ken and Jean-Marie at JKAugust.

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