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Original Poster Feedback:  The 216-Color Webmaster's Palette

I must tell you that it is an impressive piece of work
I can't imagine how I lived without it for so long.

— R.D., Volvo IT
The Webmaster's Palette poster arrived today in perfect condition. That was fast!

It's beautiful. It's already up on the wall in my office.

— P.O., Japan
I just wanted to congratulate you on an excellent design and print job. The
poster is a great addition to my growing "library" of web related info.

I have one of the two I purchased hanging over my desk in the office and
have gotten many positive comments on it. The second one is going over my
computer at home.

I don't often write to people about things like this, but I was so
impressed that I felt compelled to.

Thank you for a job VERY well done, as well as the quick response to my order.

— R. G.
I just got my poster and EVERYONE is jealous!
Thanks for all the hard work that went into it -
it will come in very valuable!

The Coolest!!!!

I received my poster at the end of last week... love it! Only
complaint... i thought it had the RGB codes on it also (just like the
web version). Don't want my money back - something to think
about for the next version <grin>. Where could i get a hex-rgb

Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!

— J. H.


Yes, I use them too in FrontPage and Corel. Hate to add
any more to the chips...  Wondering if a little table on the
side would help:
pixel.gif (807 bytes) pixel.gif (807 bytes) pixel.gif (807 bytes)
00 0
33 51
66 102
99 153
CC 204
FF 255

Say, there's your converter!

Bob Stein


You might have been the first, but you sure weren't the last,
to suggest this. I made the attached conversion program,
HTML.EXE, for DOS and thought you might like to use it.
Example commands:

     HTML CC9966
     HTML 204 153 102

It will show you both the hex and decimal codes.

Bob Stein
I got my poster today, and it looks great!  This is the single most
useful arrangement of the 216-color palette that I've seen.

I just got my poster today (and one extra to use at home or to give my
husband - he is a webmaster too). Thank you very much! What a work of
art. I am certain I will find many good uses for it. Right now, I have
it displayed on the wall in front of my pc and desk at work and I have
already gotten lots of positive questions, comments, and compliments on
it from co-workers. I hope you get lots of orders. When I heard that
the poster was available, I forwarded your message to all of my
webmaster pals to tell them of my great "find." Often, when I develop a
new page or site, I have to open multiple browser windows so I can pick
colors and try them out. With your poster, I won't have to do that

— P.S.

The poster came. It arrived in perfect condition and it's absolutely

I certainly appreciate the care that was taken in wrapping and shipping it,
and I'm sure anyone who receives it will be equally delighted.

Wishing you much deserved success,

— P.K.

How about that -- I wasn't just making polite noises when I said I was
interested in your poster. :) It arrived today, and I think it's fabulous!
First I was impressed with how carefully it was packaged. The paper and
tissue surrounding the poster were a nice touch. The poster itself is just
plain stunning. I liked the design when I first saw it on your web site
(saved the GIF, as a matter of fact), but I like the idea of having a
companion poster I can hang on the wall near my computer. I agree that the
custom ink scheme worked. And how! I have several books (some of Linda
Weinman's, among others) that have the web colors in print, but some of the
colors just aren't right when converted to CMYK. Whatever you did with the
inks really conveys the brilliance of RGB colors on the screen.

I hope you sell lots of them!

— C.M.

Most excellent poster, man!

— S.B.


Color Lab
Color Lab Feedback

This is probably the most
useful (not to mention
cool) color tool I have
ever seen. Now the Art
Director (non web-savvy)
and I can communicate
with ease!

— Missy D.
Drake University
I MUST have your poster.
(I already ordered it.)
Your site is a beacon
among the brash. It
should be the law!

— john f
Just wanted you to know that your website is great. One
of the best that I have used so far.

— Nancy R.
University of Virginia
Thank You *SO* much for
your fabulously useful
color lab. As an amateur
and very new webmaster
it has been an invaluable
resource. Almost every
time I go to code, I'm
pulling it up again!

— Ian M.
The VisiBone webmaster's
palette tool is the hottest
webdev tool i've seen
since i started webdev, 2
years ago!

Thanx for developing and
posting this!

— carmin (dba pixelyze)

I really think your swatch is one of the
best things that happened to the
creative comunity on the internet lately
(a bit pompous but i mean it).

— D. Laget
This is excellent.
A much better
way to display
the swatches
than the default
one, I agree
it's much more
intutitive for

— Joe Gillespie,
Web Page Design
For Designers
As a neophite in the world of colour
and design, I can't tell you how
many mysteries you allowed me to

— J.B.Love
This is a great thing to have access to,
THANKS for inventing it!!!

— Barbara B.,
A Starving Graphic Designer
Kudos! Your color lab
is one of the most
useful sites ever for
web developers.

— John S.
I like what you've
done with the palette.
Really neat and useful.

John Weise
Digial Media Solutions,
University of Michigan
Cool color chart!

— D.S. Wilson!
Wow! Seriously
cool web site,
man! It seems
useful, even.

— Chris Robert,
Wow... very cool! I like the way
it keeps track of the colors you
clicked on - very convenient

(very fast, too!)

-- David S.
Very good job! Your site is an
excellent color resource for
web developers.

Robert Hess,
Excellent... Artfully arranged
for your viewing pleasure --
by hues. Very cool looking

Jacci Howard Bear,
Guide, Desktop Publishing,
The Mining Co.
Coolness incarnate!
Most useful! and I love
the write up too. You
obviously are having
a good time.

— D. Treuer
very slick :-)

— E. Greenberg
That's great, and really

Richard Bondi
Philosophy Dept.,
University of
A very handy reference. (I bookmarked it).

-- Nathan O.
Easy to navigate, understand and use.

— Tracy
The arrangement of
this palette is much
more useful than the
default one [in Adobe

Michael Kay
webmonkey author
Very pretty!

Dave Raggett
Lead Architect
HTML 3.0, 3.2, 4.0,
Scientist, Author,
W3C, HP Labs
thank you for your wonderful work.
suddenly the web is a prettier place.

— D. Lang
The Chandelier Shoppe
I like your palette
picker. Lots of good
information and I
like how you keep
the last eight colors
visible. That's one
hell of an image
map, too - wow!

— D. Livingston
That is so cool!

— Craig Y.
It's the most useful thing I've seen in years!

— H. Adler
I thought I should tell
you that I think that
you've done a real service
to mankind with your
colour utiities. Imagine
all of the CPU time and
eyeball strain you are
saving mankind. ...  Now
all we need is a colour
wheel or some such
thing for those of us who
have totally abysmal
taste and need a little
control over our creative

Frans B.
Nice topology!

— S.R.Nelson


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Links to VisiBone resources now number in the thousands (about 2500 as of summer 2000). Here are some of the earliest.

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Boldface sites referred a lot of traffic to VisiBone and many still do.  I'm deeply grateful for their honor.

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