Your next color scheme is looking for you  . . .  Meet it today.

Color Lab (free online service)
Try the clickable color wheel at the
Webmaster's Color Laboratory.
10,000 a week stir up color there.

Don't tell me you have no artistic sense.
Here's a color theory: 1 you have incredibly advanced taste
because 2 you know immediately when you see great color.
And 3 the best start to finding great color is seeing all the options.
So I lay these color wheels reverently at the feet of your intuition.
She is fickle and shy.  But we will honor and attend her.
And she will take our breath away.

(I wrote an article expanding on this nutty idea for DigitalWeb Magazine,
titled the Red Queen Color Theory.)

  Here are three arrangements of web colors and resources based on them.

Circular Color Wheel

Color Scheme LAB

Very popular, over
5000 visitors a week

Color Wheel
Webmaster's Palette Color Wheel Poster
(18x24 US$15)

Square Color Wheel

Online Color Chart
Table of all web-safe HTML colors with codes

Color CARD
Color Card, laminated and slick for clients
(8.5x11 laminted US$10)


(18x24 US$15)

Color wheel deuteranopic simulation Color blindness
in the
Color CARD and

Square Mouse PAD


Color Code 


SWATCH Libraries
VisiBone Color Wheel Swatches
Already included with Adobe
Illustrator and Photoshop,
and Bare Bones BBEdit. 
Downloads available here
for Jasc Paint Shop Pro
Allaire HomeSite, Macromedia
Fireworks, and several other
web design tools.

Hexagonal Color Wheel

Mouse Pad
Hexagon Mouse Pad

The printed color references use a custom 8-color printing process
to match screen color.  I think you'll find it stunningly more
accurate than Pantone

The color lab is by far the most popular resource here.
Each click on the color wheel on the left chooses a color;
each new color updates the color scheme.
Show your intuition hundreds of color combinations in a few minutes.
I do hope she's pleased.

And when you fall in love with your next great color scheme,
I'll be honored to have helped in the matchmaking.
Send a postcard.
Bob Stein