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Portable Web Color Reference Card

Web Designer's
Color Card

Fonts for WebPages

Web Designer's
Font Card

  • Fonts for web text
    supported by at least
    50% of all browsers or
    75% of Macs or
    75% of Linux systems.
  • Sample:
    • text paragraph
    • bold, italics, underline
    • sizes: 9,10,11,12,14,
      16,18 pixels high
    • alphabet, numbers
  • Icon-coded support for
    PCs, Macs, Linux

"It has been useful from the moment I received it."
     — Christine S.

"LOVE THEM!! They are just what I was expecting. I truly
appreciate the quality of them."
Kim L.

"I've been using your charts for a couple of years now,
and just love what you have done! There have been many
times where I couldn't have lived with out my cards or poster..."
Laura C.

"Received the color card and most satisfied. They really look
awesome ! So awesome I ordered 2 mouse pads !"
Christian B.


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