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The 216-Color
Palette Poster

  • 18" x 24"
    (46cm x 61cm)
    80-lb coated
    cover stock
  • Colors arranged
    symmetrically by hue
  • Each shading series
    (light-dark) is in a 
    straight line
  • Reveals the most  
    pattern and
    of all the
    color references
VisiBone Color Poster
ISBN 09678263


"I received one of your posters for Christmas. An ideal gift
combining both beauty and functionality. It has been a
salvation to my limited color sense."
     — Mike F.

"The poster is very handy, the way. I like that you included
both hex and RGB values.  Having a well organized color
space tool makes choosing new colors easier - even for 
non web safe colors."
     — Robin S.

"Just received the poster today. How it may be wonderful!!
Remarkably I was impressed."
     — Yoshitaka N.

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