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Web Designer's
Color Chart

  • 18" x 24" 
    (46cm x 61cm)
    80-lb coated 
    cover stock
  • Colors arranged
    like the VisiBone
    swatch libraries
  • Color blindness  
  • The biggest color 
    of all, 
    readable from 
    3-5 feet
VisiBone Color Chart
ISBN 09678263
"It came today -- amazing speedy service, guy! I love it -- 
so much easier on these old eyes to read the print!"
     — Laura, WebCrafts by Laura

"Hey, man, that new VisiBone chart is awesome! Justin* 
is particularly psyched about how much more closely
the printed colors resemble actual screen colors. I
definitely think the new format is much more readable
as well."
     — Scott Brinker, i-on interactive

* Justin is one of the most artistic and prolific designers I know.  
In 1998 he was supportive but doubtful of the poster idea.  He said
I'd need to mix 216 separate inks to match computer screen colors,
his gentlemanly way of saying: "it couldn't be done."  So it's
especially nice to hear of his approval.

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