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Posters and Charts are rolled front-side out, which avoids curling outward when you hang it (suggested by thoughtful customer Art Dieli).  Posters are slipped into a polyethylene bag.  1-7 Posters or Charts are rolled along the short side, and shipped in a 3-inch diameter telescoping tube.  More may be rolled along the long side and shipped in 4-inch diameter roll in a triangle mailer.  

Cards, Pads and Hexagons are shipped in reinforced flat mailers.  Packs of 5-20 Cards are shrink-wrapped together.  Each 20-card pack includes 1 extra as a display/spare.  Thick orders of these products are shipped in a book-shaped box.

Priority MailShipping

The shipping charges are $5 to a US or Canadian address, $10 to all other destinations, per order, any products, any quantity.   This includes materials, packing and carrier charges.  A local Mail Boxes Etc. is handling all fulfillment.  When your order arrives in perfect condition you can thank David, Carolina, Gunter, and Florian.  If there's the slightest imperfection, you absolutely must let us know.  We ship most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Shipping to Canada: GST, occasional delays

11 March 2004, Mike reports (regarding Lisa A.'s customs charges, below): "[She] would have been entitled to a full refund from Canada Post because she was improperly charged. No charges apply to any item from the USA unless it is valued at more than $20.00 Canadian. The appeal form is part of the form stuck on the package by Canada Post stating the amount the reciever of the package must pay. I have had this experience, and for the cost of one stamp, the time filling out the form and attaching proof of the value of the article, I received a full refund by way of a cheque mailed back to me by Canada Post."

8 March 2004, Brian M.'s Color Poster still hadn't arrived after eight weeks to Brampton, Ontario. His Color Card arrived in about a week.

2003, No reports of really long delays shipping to Canada in a while now.  In 2001 I heard of waits of up to six weeks when getting Posters or Charts.  In 2002 the worst I've heard was two weeks.  Bill M. has a theory about east-west travel but Toronto and Vancouver seem to take about the same time from here in Florida.  Anyway the problem seems to come in waves. The first one came with a vengeance late April 2000.  Best we can figure, the little green commercial invoice we're required to post on the outside of the shipping tube snags in customs while someone ponders the GST.  I contemplated posting customer phone number on the shipping label (so customs can call) but this seems a tiny bit of a violation of privacy.  Thoughts?

31 May 2002, Wendy R. in Vancouver reports a 41-day delay ordering a KiloChart!  No customs charge.

1 May 2002, Lisa A. reports a hard hit from Canadian Customs, CAD$8.46 on a 1-chart order.  This breaks down as 7.5% GST (Goods and Services Tax) plus a $5 "processing fee".

30 Aug 2000 - I wrote to the World Customs Organization and to Canadian Customs but no reply.  As I learn any clues, I'll put them here.

We ship Charts and Posters in a sturdy tube and use a commercial invoice with the purchase price when shipping to Canada.


Shipping to the United Kingdom: VAT

Dave W. reports (15 May 2002) a hard hit from UK Customs, £7.48 on a two-chart order.  This breaks down as 17.5% Import VAT (Value Added Tax) and £3.85 clearance fee, the latter levied by the Royal Mail, on behalf of Her Majesty's Customs and Excise (HMCE).

Dave says this tax is not levied if the order is under £18 (about US$26).  That's a shame as it really cuts into saving shipping costs on larger orders.  But here as with Canada orders, Cards, Foldouts and MouseMats (as you guys call them over there) are shipped in letter envelopes and do not require a commercial invoice declaring price.

22 July 2003, Nara P. ordered six charts and they were in transit 10 weeks, a new world record. "...So it seems like it has been lost & found by Royal Mail. You may be interested to know that it was on the news recently that Royal Mail had worryingly large number of posts lost/delayed/stolen."

20 Sept 2003, Paul A. reports his order arrived after exactly 1 week in transit. Declared value on the tube was US$30 but there were no VAT or HMCE charges.


Shipping to Belgium: GSM

Mario P. reports that an order in March 2003 containing charts costing US$30 had a tax bill of 16,08€.



Incidentally, the best shipping report we've ever had was in October 2001, an air-mail package we took to the post office on a Saturday arrived in Switzerland the next Monday.

1. Fill out the order form  +  2. Make your check payable to VisiBone  +  3. Address, see below  +  4. Affix sufficient postage  ==>  5. Mail it!

Ordering by Mail
Some Prodigious Pinks

Please fill out the order form.   Make your check in US funds drawn on a US bank payable to VisiBoneWrite for a quote in another currency.  Mail orders to:

     12717 West Sunrise Blvd, #256
     Sunrise, Florida, US  33323-0902

Order pending clearance.

So, ordering options are: credit cards on the web, or checks in the mail.