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HTML / CSS Foldouts

From the tags section:
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Here is the entire Tags Foldout:

Styles Foldout:

Characters Foldout:

From the
characters section:
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Features of the HTML Foldouts:

  • Large 9-point print
    50% larger than HTML Card.
  • 3.5" x 8.5" folded up
  • Twenty pages or panels
    among the three foldouts.
  • Sold together, $10 for all 3.
  • Tags Foldout (8-panel):
    form> <table> <img>...
    • Attributes and values
    • Practical usage
    • Table parts and colors
    • Image alignment diagram,
      flow-around, and font-like
    • W3C-deprecated features
      are identified, along with
      specific CSS alternatives
  • Styles Foldout (8-panel):
    font} {color} {padding}...
    • @-rules, pseudo-
      classes and elements
    • HTML alternatives
  • Characters Foldout (4-panel):
    • Numeric codes, name-
      codes, PC Alt-keystrokes
  • Color-coded support theme
    throughout the HTML Foldouts:
    • Netscape 4–7
    • Internet Explorer 4–6
    • standards, HTML
      4.01, XHTML 1.0, CSS2
    • Background color
      indicates lone support by
      one when the others don't

       Netscape only 
       IE only only 

    • Border color indicates
      lone nonsupport — one
      doesn't, both others do
      Not Netscape
      Not IE

      Think of the unsupporter
      as the ostracized 
      outsider.  Get it,
      border = outsider?

  • Bugs and browser-clashes
    identified with icons — and
    detailed elaboration online
    for each one
  • Functional icons
  • Functional index — all html
    tags and css properties
    organized by function

New edition foldouts now include:

  • URL types (http, ftp,
    mailto, etc.)
  • SSI directives:
    <!--#include virtual... -->
  • XHTML 1.1 checklist
    (differences from
    HTML 4.01)

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup
Language. This is how web pages get
structure, appearance and interactivity
beyond being a string of plain words.

CSS stands for Cascading Style
Sheets.  This brings a much finer
degree of control over appearance
to a web page.

Ask if you'd like to buy old editions.

Prices for all products

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