VisiBone Announcement #12, September 2004

Hey, thanks for the interest! Hope you find these useful.Browser Book (front)
—Bob Stein, VisiBone,,
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1. Browser Book – large print, complete, AND portable!

Browser Book (back)   

(Compare with the Card Collection (back) Card Collection (front) Card Collection.)


Chart Suite, covers all client-side subjects2. Chart Suite – web designer walls!

There are now twelve VisiBone charts, and they're available together for 50% off. With it all on your walls, you'll be able to use any VisiBone cheatsheet in two seconds. And do you know what that means? You need a bigger office! With more walls!! What are walls for anyway? Prince Wep-em-nefret's office walls adorned with the very latest in Fourth Dynasty quick-referencesEgyptians knew. Now you can bring yours to working life too.

The VisiBone Chart Suite covers 22.5 square feet of useless drywall or distracting windows. That's nearly 1/10,000 the side of a Giza pyramid.

You'll never lose this in the clutter and you'll cut down on office theft.


JavaScript Charts (language, DOM, regular expressions)3. New Charts: Fonts, JavaScript

Font Chart (the 65 most widely available web text fonts)The Font Card and JavaScript Card are now available in chart form.  The type is 40% larger and easily readable from a few feet.

The Font Chart shows samples of the 65 most widely available web text fonts, plus Mac and Linux support.

The JavaScript Charts feature over 500 self-testing examples.



The new VisiBone Catalog4. New Shopping Cart – osCommerce

Here's the new Catalog.



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