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HTML Tags and Attributes (column 1 of HTML Card)
I hope you find this 
HTML quick-reference 

Here are all HTML tags 
with attributes and 
values for XHTML 1.1,
also known as HTML 4.01.

The legend below
explains the color-
coding for browser and
standards support,
and the symbols.


By the way, that little
yellow hand shows
two things.  First, it
appears near a feature
that's been deprecated 
by the W3C standards

   The  hand  is in
   the vicinity of
   a "bad" HTML 
   according to
   the W3C.

Secondly, to the right
of the hand is the
feature that W3C
expects us to use

   The hand points
   to a "good" HTML 
   or CSS feature.

For example, the
style-sheet property
should be used
instead of the HTML
tag <b>.

Bad: <b>bold</b>

Good: <span style=


You might think W3C
or the thousands of 
books and sites on 
HTML would have
this useful second part
readily available, but
you would be wrong.

If I seem a little proud 
that VisiBone makes 
the only reference on 
the planet that informs 
those nuggets, well,
you're right.



To find a great color scheme, 
try the Webmaster's Color Lab.
Color Lab (free online service)
Just click on the colors you like.
HTML Tags and Attributes (column 2 of HTML Card)<== From this point down,
all the way to the legend
the colors are a little 
washed out.

Honestly, I did not do this to 
cripple the online version in
comparison with the printed
.  Rather, I
compressed the images
to reduce your load time 
and reduce my bandwidth

: : : 

But since you mentioned
HTML Card, all the 
information on this web page
is from page two of the card:
   HTML Popup
It's 8.5 x 11 inches
with non-glare lamination.

It's pretty dense.  In fact,
I used the same font 
as the phone books.

Personally, I like seeing
all the facts in one place.

But if you prefer  large print
or very compact size,
the HTML Foldouts have 
the same information too:

   HTML Tags Foldout
Here is the Tags Foldout.
It has eight panels
and folds to 3.5" x 8.5".

Either way it's US$10.

That includes style sheet 
properties and attributes
and a table of exotic HTML
character codes such as:

      ™  ©  £  ñ

The main differences:

   HTML Card:
      • dense
      • annotated examples
   HTML Foldouts:
      • large print
      • folds compact

Click on the links to see
them up close.

: : :

So, please excuse the long
download time for this page.

I'm disappointed it takes 
longer for you to download 
this page over a dial-up 
connection than it does 
to order the printed 
products online.  
Perhaps even to order 
in bulk, or by mail.
Truly shameful state of

HTML Tags and Attributes (column 3 of HTML Card)You may be wondering:
where are all the garish banners
and insidious pop-up ads??

Well, ok, here's one:


It was a lotta fun to make.
Especially because it gave me the chance
to work with the illustrious Shirley Kaiser,
designer and person extraordinaire.

But the banner was a bust.
And I found out that the world 
that puts banners on the air
is about as tacky as the product.

Which contributed to my decision
to stop spending time on promotion.
Instead I wish to spend 
what few scraps of time I can scrounge
on two pursuits that are 
extremely rewarding, 
tangibly and intangibly.

Making useful stuff online for free.
Making useful stuff in print for sale.
HTML Tags and Attributes (column 4 of HTML Card)Speaking of overdoing promotion:

   When overdosed for all your worth, 
   On hype, schmaltz and fanfare,
   It's time to bust a gut with mirth,
   Thanks to the good folks of Despair.

HTML Tags and Attributes (column 5 of HTML Card)You can also get this HTML 
Tags reference on your 
desktop for free.  The 
VisiBone Popups
include a 
tags popup, very much like 
the one on this page.

Fortunately for the sake of 
my self image as a very 
generous guy, even these 
full-color popups right on 
your desktop are not nearly 
as useful as having the 
HTML Card or Foldouts in 
your hand.

Even the fastest computer
with the best user interface
still takes longer to operate
than a few scraps of paper
within arms reach.

So, it's no great sacrifice to
encourage you to use this 
page or download the free

In fact, if you have a site for
web designers, please feel free
to mirror them.

HTML Tags and Attributes (column 6 of HTML Card)
   “To affect the quality of the day, 
   that is the highest of arts. Every 
   man is tasked to make his life, 
   even in its detail, worthy of the 
   contemplation of his most 
   elevated and critical hour.”

      — Thoreau
















VisiBone also makes several
printed web color references.

Posters & Charts
Webmaster's Palette Color Wheel Poster

Laminated Cards
Color Card, laminated and slick for clients
that match the "VisiBone2"
swatch collection in Adobe
Illustrator and Photoshop.

Plus two varieties of
Mouse Pads.

And a chart with 1068
non-web-safe colors:
Web Color KiloChart
HTML Tags and Attributes (column 7 of HTML Card)
HTML Tags and Attributes LEGENDSo, again, most of the images
above this point are compressed.
Some colors don't appear the 
same as in the legend.

The colors look fine however
on the HTML Card
the HTML Foldouts
and the free Popups.
HTML Parts
Here's a diagram showing the technical terms for the parts of HTML.  
It's also on the HTML Card.

* For more information on some of the trickier items, 
see the tech page for the HTML Card and Foldouts.

Thank you, and good luck building!
— Bob Stein, VisiBone,