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Card Collection
Ten compact pages of
web design answers

Spiral-bound combination of all VisiBone reference material   

  Color Card 
Font Card 
HTML / CSS Example page HTML Tags Page CSS Styles Page
examples, tags, styles
 HTML Characters Page 
JavaScript Language Page JavaScript Language Page
 DOM (Document Object Model) page 
JavaScript Regular Expressions page

NOTE: Fine Print. Most of these cards use the same 6-point Bell Centennial font as the phonebooks. If you have trouble reading the fine print in a phonebook, you may prefer the Browser Book. (What's the difference?) 

Edition: 2004.  It has the latest content, and is in sync with all other products. The last major updates were in 2004 for HTML, CSS and Fonts, 2002 for JavaScript, 2000 for colors.

CAUTION: High Information Density. Excessive clues per square inch. Promotes delusions of mastery.

‘A co-worker got me the Spiraled Card Collection as a Christmas Gift, and I remember thinking, "Um...Gee, thanks."  But let me tell you, not a day goes by that I haven't looked at SOMETHING on there and thinking, "Wow, this is the greatest!"’
—Jason L.

“I’ve know about your site for years. I finally decided it was time to support your company and buy a Card Collection. Time is money and at $25 bucks the ROI is unmatched.”
—Ryan A.

“I just received your 10 page booklet in the mail, and I must say this has to be the best compilation of web resources that I have seen. I am also from a very small company (really just starting) and I think this will save countless hours of searching through my hardbacks.”
—Steven P.

“The cards have never left my side since I first purchased them. When I go on trips with my laptop, my VisiBone cards are the only references that always come with. Though I still keep a lot of O'Reilly references around (and a stack of their Pocket Reference series lies below my desk) the VisiBone cards remain in plain view at the left of my keyboard at all times.

I can't count how many times I use them in a single day, much less how many times they've saved me countless hours looking through books for the simple answer buried amongst 400 pages of rambling.

I've been developing web applications for ten years now, and your cards are easily the best investment I've ever made. Dollar for dollar, the return on investment has been astounding.”
—Radd B.

“...What a wonderful and useful product!

In the past, I typically would look up each of the things you have in quick reference using manuals I have on my shelf. Your cards, however, are so information-rich that I have spent the last couple of days using the product and have only once reached for a manual (and that's quite a feat!). This saves me time and ultimately, it saves my company money.

Plus, it's fun to use :)”
—Keith R.