VisiBone JavaScript Research by Unit Tests

JavaScript Unit Tests:

Test Series 1 (numbers, strings, booleans, dates, arrays, functions, objects, types, OOP)
Test Series 2 (regular expressions, slash-escaped string codes)
Test Series 3 (logic, exceptions, versions, client-side object model: window and document members)

Test Series 0 (one dirt-simple test -- run if nothing else works)

In researching for the JavaScript Card I've made extensive use of Unit Testing, using JavaScript to test itself, to verify functionality and who supports it. The simple automated test framework here was derived from JsUnit by Edward Hiett. You can help verify which JavaScript features are supported by which browsers by running some tests and submitting the results. Everything is pretty automatic assuming nothing goes wrong, which it often does with JavaScript.

If you'd be so kind as to click on each of the above links, then click the Run Tests button. They may take a moment. At the end the results will pop up. If requested, please click the Submit These Results button. Otherwise it means all tests passed and it's a browser configuration I've already tested, so there's no need to send a report. If you get JavaScript errors, please report them too, especially line numbers. If things seem to hang and the page doesn't seem to load, there are probably repressed JavaScript errors I would very much like to see. Here's how to free them.

To enable JavaScript error reporting:

Thanks for the help!

-- Bob Stein,

Browsers we have tested already: